"Architecture can help solve our society's most dire problems, while at the same time, improving the quality of our local and global communities"  _Giancarlo Mangone | Symbiosis Principal





Research Motivation

Symbiosis is devoted to producing innovative, interdisciplinary research to help improve the quality of built environments + local and global communities.

Current Research Focus

Symbiosis is currently investigating the potential economic_social_ecologic benefits of incorporating natural environments + processes into built environments



Research Methodology

Research Collaborations

We rigorously incorporate a diverse range of scientifically validated research methodologies into our research projects, from a myriad of research domains. Scientific experiements, existing building observations + post occupancy evaluations, expert collaborations, literature review, and design explorations + developments are employed to produce high quality_high value research results. Moreover, the generation + application of research through our innovative

applied research design methodology generates higher performing + higher value design solutions


The results of the various research projects are presented in international scientific, academic, and industry conferences, as well as published in peer reviewed scientific and professional industry journals, in order to validate + disseminate the research to the broader scientific, public and design communities.


We collaborate with experts and academics in a wide range of research domains, including building + systems engineering, psychology, ecology, landscape architecture, urban planning, as well as other architects specializing in a diverse range of research areas.


We are always interested in fostering new research collaborations + learning from new perspectives, please contact us if you have a project or topic for which you would like to develop a collaboration

Sample Applied Research Projects

_Urban Mountain _ Oslo, Norway                  First Place_'Nordic Built Challenge' Design Competition

           Ecological 25 Story Office Building Renovation_BREEAM OUTSTANDING

           _'Green Lung' Concept + Performance Development : Symbiosis            _Client : Schmidt Hammer Lassen_Transsolar Energietechniek Gmbh_Cradle to Cradle Denmark_etc.
                    The 'Urban Mountain' design team wanted to incorporate a 'Green Lung' plant air filtration system. Symbiosis developed an innovative spatial vegetation air

                    filtration system, based on existing + in-house research that was under development, that filtered interior and exterior air, as well as provided spatial natural

                    environments that improve occupant work performane and well-being, while reducing the energy demand of the building + improving the ecological integrity

                    of the local ecosystem. Click here for more information about the project.

Images courtesy of Schmidt Hammer Lassen

_Ecological Renovation Toolkit


              _ECOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE EVALUATION TOOL : A method to evaluate the potential impact of various renovation design solutions on the health of local natural +                  urban ecossytems was developed.

              _MULTI-PAREAMETER PERFORMANCE EVALUATION TOOL : This method was incorporated into a previously developed method to evaluate the impact of various

                   renovation design solutions on building and occupant performance.



               The resultant multiparameter performance tool allows for the development + evaluation of design solutions that vary in terms of their impact on the local

                ecossytem, and the performance of the building and building occupants. This applied research design process allows for ecological design solutions to be

                integrated into projects of all budget ranges. In some cases, this method has reduced construction + operation costs, compared to typical renovation solutions.


_Priva Headquarters _ De Lier, The Netherlands


                  _Thermal Comfort : The effect of working in a microforest on occupant's thermal comfort was evaluated through a one year quasi-experiment

                  _Worker Performance : The performance of a range of typical + innovative workspace typologies + spatial qualities for the employees of Priva, in regards to

                    conducting a range of worktasks, were evaluated



                   This research project resulted in the identification of a number of innovative ways to improve the performance + comfort of office employees through the design of

                   office buildings, as well as identified high performing worskpace typologies, including a number of previously unconsidered workspace typologies + spatial qualities.


                   Moreover, typical existing workspace typologies for a range of creative and non-creative worktasks were found to be poor performing, thus suggesting innovative

                   workspace typologies + spatial qualities are necessary to maximize employee performance + well being.



_Lumen Academic Research Building _ Wageningen, The Netherlands

           RESEARCH METHOD : Extisting Interior Spatial Vegetated Environment Building + Worker Performance Post Occupancy Evaluation

                 The effect of an interior spatial vegetated environment on building and worker performance was evaluated through a post occupancy evaluation process of an existing

                 interior natural environment. This process helped identify how the design + performance of interior natural environments can be improved in the future, as well as their 

                 value to both building owners and occupants.

For further applied research examples, please review  the Projects webpage

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