Symbiosis is an innovative, high performance design, building performance engineering, consulting, and research practice. We develop projects with public + private clients throughout the world, including  the US, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and China. We work with developers_design teams + engineers to

maximize project performance + design quality, and rigorously employ the latest advances in material, system, and computational analysis + research, including building energy analysis, fluid dynamics [wind modeling], daylighting analysis, and thermal modeling. This process results in cost effective_

high value_high performing built environments.



_New Lands Commission Office Building _ Accra, Ghana

            11,000+ m2 mixed mode thermally conditioned office space utilizing vegetation + greenhouse construction assemblies as thermal design components
          _Schematic Design : City Foerster            _Sustainable Design Consultant : Symbiosis         
          _CONSTRUCTION COST SAVINGS : Proposed greenhouse  construction strategy + materials reduced construction costs by 30%, while allowing original design intent

                to be maintained

          _OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS : Vegetation canopy + shaded courtyard significantly extends lifespan of roof structure + other exterior building materials, while

               reducing building cooling loads_energy costs_carbon emissions by approximately 10 - 15%
          _IMPROVED WORKER PERFORMANCE : Vegetated canopy shades the interior courtyard, thereby increasing the quantity of operating hours that the courtyard space

               can be comfortably inhabited  by over 10% while improving the quality of the courtyard space as a restorative environment + additional high quality  

               workspace, thereby increasing productivity, collaboration, creativity, and overall occupant well-being while reducing worker absenteeism

_Original renderings courtesy of City Foerster

_Worker Performance & Biodiversity Microforests _Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                           _Schematic design of microforest atriums of a 41 story office tower

          _Building Design: T.R. Hamzah & Yeang Sdn. Bhd. [Dr. Ken Yeang]                   _Atrium Designs: Symbiosis

          _Project Description: The developer wanted to incorporate vegetation into the building in ways that benefited the occupants and the local ecosystems. Atrium                          integrated microforest design solutions based on Symbiosis Principal Giancarlo Mangone's research on maximizing worker productivity  local ecosystem health              via design were developed as a solution.

           _Microforest 1 (left) focused on maximizing productivity, while Microforest 2 (right) focused on maximizing ecosystem health via butterfly habitat + resources provision 

          _CONSTRUCTION COST SAVINGS : The incorporation of workspaces into the atriums eliminates the need to provide these spaces elsewhere in the building, thereby

            reducing the office gross area of the office

          _ECOSYSTEM PROMOTION : The ecological microforest provides habitat & resources for endangered local butterfly species, while both microforests promote

            ecological behavior by fostering positive interactions between natural stimuli and building occupants

          _OPERATING COST SAVINGS : The incorporation of plants into the work space can also reduce the energy demand of the building, by improving occupant thermal

                 comfort, as well as providing opportunities for mixed mode thermal conditioning





_Bernheim Arboretum Visitor Center_Clermont, Kentucky

          Post occupancy evaluation of William McDonough & Partners Project          

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_Bernheim images courtesy of William McDonough & Partners

_Urban Mountain _ Oslo, Norway                  First Place_'Nordic Built Challenge' Design Competition                             _Images courtesy of Schmidt Hammer Lassen

           Ecological 25 Story Office Building Renovation_BREEAM OUTSTANDING

           _'Green Lung' Concept + Performance Development : Symbiosis            _Client : Schmidt Hammer Lassen_Transsolar Energietechniek Gmbh_Cradle to Cradle Denmark_etc.
           _CREATIVE AIR FILTRATION : 'Green Lung' spatial plant air filtration system filters interior + exterior air, as well as provides spatial natural environments that improve

                occupant work performane and well-being.

           _OPERATING COST SAVINGS : The incorporation of plants into the work space can also reduce the energy demand of the building, by improving occupant thermal

                 comfort, as well as providing opportunities for mixed mode thermal conditioning

           _ECOSYSTEM PROMOTION : The 'Green Lung' concept was designed to promote the ecological integrity of the local ecosystem.

                                 Click here for more information about the project.


_Carbon Neutral Office Building _Washington D.C.

            Innovative Passive Thermal Conditioning Building Utilizing Thermal Extremes of Cave and Greenhouse to develop optimal interior thermal gradients

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_Puerto Rico Public School Modernization Program _ Puerto Rico

           Schematic Design of 3 public schools + Sustainable Design Consultant for Sustainable Modernization Renovation of 28 public schools
          _Architect : Fielding Nair International            _Senior Designer + Sustainable Design Consultant : Giancarlo Mangone      
          _OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS : Estimated 30% energy cost savings from passive/mixed use thermal conditioning strategies
          _EVOLVING EDUCATION : Collaborative Science_Art_Media Labs + Exterior Learning Spaces

          _COMMUNAL CONNECTIONS : Student Generated Art Work_Community Pavilion Space



_Frankemaheerd Ecological Office Renovation _ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

             3,024 m2 ecological office building renovation

            _Dutch vacant office building renovation utilizing vegetation to generate high performance workspaces + improve building_worker_local ecosystem performance to

              attract new occupants + higher rent _reduce operating costs_improve local natural  environment


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_Building 2400 _ Vint Hill, Virginia

             70,000 sf office building low budget renovation incorporating innovative passive cooling_heating facade design + natural ventilation strategy    
          _CONSTRUCTION COST SAVINGS : 60% Construction Cost Reduction of facade renovation + HVAC equipment, compared to typical office building renovation
           _OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS : Estimated 20-30% Reduction in annual energy costs + building maintenance due to external wall/roof passive shading_heating strategy
           _CARBON EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS : Estimated 60% less carbon emissions than typical office building renovation of same scale 

_Performative Play Space _ Dordrecht, The Netherlands

           Greenhouse microforest design focused on generating adaptable learning space that promotes creativity + socialization

           _Schematic Design + Performance Evaluation : Symbiosis            _Client : Mecanoo Architecten
           _OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS : Vegetation strategies reducing space cooling loads + energy costs by over 65%_Visually adjacent classroom lighting needs reduced by 15%
           _IMPROVED STUDENT PERFORMANCE : Vegetation design promotes student creativity + socialization skills_reduces absenteeism
_promotes ecological behavior

_Original rendering courtesy of Mecanoo Architecten

_Adaptive Generations _ New Orleans, Louisiana

          $100,000_880 sf affordable housing unit for senior citizens     LEED PLATINUM          
            _OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS : Estimated 60% energy cost savings from passive/mixed use thermal conditioning strategies
           _COMMUNITY RESOURCE : Produces enough fruits + vegetables for 13 people

_Renderings courtesy of Kutonotuk

_Helsinki Link_ Helsinki, Finland                Honorable Mention_Helsinki Central Library Competition

          21st century_carbon neutral_20,000m2 library

          _Building Performance Design + Consulting: Symbiosis       _Schematic Design: Kutonotuk
            _OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS : Thermal Oasis mixed mode mechanical system strategy reduces mechanical system size + heating/cooling loads

           _OCCUPANT WELL-BEING : Thermal oasis strategy improves occupant thermal comfort while reducing energy costs

           _COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS : Thermal oasis strategy promotes collaboration_interaction + exchange among visitors

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