Symbiosis is an innovative, high performance design + building performance engineering, consulting, and research practice. We develop projects with public + private clients throughout the world, including  the US, Africa, Europe, Puerto Rico, and China. We work with developers_design teams + engineers to maximize project performance + design quality. We rigorously employ the latest advances in material, system, and computational analysis + research, including building energy analysis, fluid dynamics [wind modeling], daylighting analysis, and thermal modeling. This process results in cost effective_high value_high performance built environments. Our dedication to developing high quality_high performance project solutions have enabled us to garner international recognition and work as consultants for leading architecture firms such as Ken Yeang, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, William McDonough + Partners, Mecanoo Architecten + Fielding Nair International.

    Through the development of our projects and research, we have discovered that performance based building designs that utilize natural site inputs, such as climate responsive thermal conditioning strategies, result in design solutions that are more cost effective, initially and through a building’s lifetime, than traditional design strategies, while producing sustainable environments that improve occupant productivity_health_comfort_lifestyle + the aesthetic quality of the design solutions.

 _Symbiosis provides a diverse range of services, from the development of residences for individuals, to complete 

   design and development of residential_commercial_institutional_industrial projects.

  • Architects_Symbiosis provides architects with a method to  evaluate the effectiveness + efficiency of various design strategies in terms of cost and performance. We provide a comprehensive understanding of individual site characteristics that should be considered to develop a high performing design project. In addition, we provide sustainable schematic design and consulting, along with post occupancy analysis of existing projects that identify strategies to improve future designs.


  • Developers_We provide developers with a comprehensive high performing project design, from pre-design to construction documentation, as well as numerous post occupancy analyses, if desired. We provide full architectural and building performance engineering and evaluation services. If an architect is already specified for the project, we work alongside the design team, starting at the pre-design stage, to develop + evaluate high performing design options + solutions.


  •  Individual_We provide complete architectural design, building performance engineering, performance based design + sustainable consulting services for new construction + renovation projects

Sample Services


  • Post Occupancy Occupant Performance + Satisfaction Analysis

            _Evaluate occupant performance + satisfaction with different building spaces + spatial qualities

                                _Utilizing standardized metrics + custom, scientifically validated evaluation processes developed in-house

            _Provide quantified measurements of occupants' performance + satisfaction

            _Provide strategies + methods to improve occupant performance + satisfaction

  • Post Occupancy Thermal Analysis

            _Determine Annual_Seasonal_Hourly_Operating Thermal Environment _Compare to Design Intentions

                                  _Utilizing Real Time_Remote Thermal Sensors_Weather Data_Virtual Thermal Analysis
            _Evaluate Design Team Thermal Climate Design Intentions + Occupant Satisfaction
            _Develop Proposed Adjustments_Lessons through developed Research Package
            _Compare Operational Energy/Mechanical Use_Efficiency to Design Expectations
            _Determine Project Performance in terms of project || evaluation goals

            _Develop Conclusions for Future Design Implementation   

   Post Occupancy Evaluations

  • Advise on High Performing_Cost Effective Material Specs + System Selections

  • Minimize Value Engineering by working with design team + engineers to maximize design quality + project performance

  • Complete Design Development_Construction Documents Drawing Sets



   Design Development_Construction Documents

  • Project Performance Evaluations : Work with Architect_Engineers_Developer_Owner to :

                _Evaluate Performance of Existing/Alternate Design Proposals Based on Specified Budget/Performance Goals

                     _Develop more effective proposals based on client specified performance parameters/goals

  • Building System Design + Analysis : Cost Reducing + Higher Performing Building System Development

                _Significantly reduce building operating costs + construction costs

                     _Science Based Solutions improve worker productivity_health_comfort_reduce absenteeism

  • High Performance/Value Concept + Schematic Designs : Schematic Designs for Buildings + Infrastructure

  • Site Approval Documentation : Complete Schematic Drawing Sets_Project Visualizations



   Building Performance Evaluations_Schematic Design_Site Approval

  • Optimize/Evaluate various Building Locations_Building Concepts + Landscape Designs_based on :

                _Building Cost_Energy Use + Carbon Emissions_Occupant Performance + Well Being

                             _Impact of Project on Local Ecosystem

                _Climate Responsive Design Strategies

                _In-house developed performance based design strategies + evaluations

  • Develop more effective proposals based on client specified performance parameters/goals

  • Site Thermal_Wind_Water_Solar_Site Climate Analysis

            _Identify strategies + opportunities to minimize project costs + optimize performance using natural site inputs

                _Significantly reduce building operating costs + construction costs

                _Science Based Solutions improve worker productivity_health_comfort_reduce absenteeism

  • Design + Evaluate Building Spaces + Spatial Programming Strategies in terms of  Cost_Performance_Quality of


  • Performative Vegetation : Design + Quantify Vegetation Strategies to Provide Higher Performing + Quality Building Systems + Building Spaces

               _Integrating Nature into Buildings can provide a range of benefits, including :

                    _Cost Effective Cooling + Air  Filtration Systems_Significantly Reduce Building Energy Use + Carbon Emissions

                    _Improve Indoor Air Quality  + Improve Occupant Productivity_Absenteeism Rates_Well Being



   Master Planning_Landscape Design_Site Analysis_Building Concept Design

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Symbiosis|Sustainable Design + Consulting

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_Microforest Atrium_Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

_Carbon Neutral Office Design_Washington D.C.

_LEED Platinum Affordable Housing,_New Orleans

_Community Wind Analysis

_Spatial_Energy Positive_Residential Climate System

_Interior Natural Ventilation Strategy                            

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Butterfly Microforest_Morning
Butterfly Microforest_Morning

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Butterfly Microforest_Afternoon
Butterfly Microforest_Afternoon

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Butterfly Microforest_Morning
Butterfly Microforest_Morning

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giancarlo mangone, symbiosis,
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_Interior Natural Ventilation Strategy                                                                  _Summer Thermal Comfort Analysis